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Now, in case you got here in a way we didn’t plan for… let’s clarify something about the free part.

We only give away free gutter cleaning when you have new leaf protection installed on your home or during our HAPPY GUTTERS GIVEAWAY.

Either way, we excited you’re and want to remind you to mention the coupon code “dirty gutters” when you set up your appointment for leaf protection options. 

Some leaf protection options work amazing and some cause more problems than they solve. This greatly depends on your roof pitch, roof material, proximity of trees, and what kind of trees you have near your home.

Did you know that you can decrease the life of your gutters by leaving them dirty?

As leaves – and especially pine needles – break down the acidity can corrode your gutters and eventually cause holes and leaking. If you live in an older home built before 1980, there’s a chance you may have steel gutters which were popular before aluminum  gutters became standard.  

When you meet with one of our team member, they will help you figure out what you’ve got, and…

We promise they’ll be kind, answer all your question, and give a professional recommendation for what products to use (or avoid) on your home.

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